Sebastian Boulter

1. Kohotahti pianon vasara 2013 small


Upbeat, piano hammer, 2013








2. Mita meille Metsahallituksen jaljilta jaa pianon kielten sammuttajat ja tulitikut 2013 small


What remains for us from aftermaths of logging in Finnish forests, piano sound mufflers and burned matches, 2013








3. Kaislikossa suhusi viela ennen Talvivaarahanketta kipsi 2013jpg small


It used to sigh in reeds before the Talvivaara mining project, gypsum, 2013









5. Konstruoitu tragedia kipsi 2013 small


Constructed tragedy, gypsum, 2013








6. Jaljitelma konstruoidun tragedian ratkaisemiseksi rautanaulat 2013 2 small


Imitation for solving the constructed tragedy, rusted nails, 2013









4. Vaimennettu Lapin hauta viidessa kerroksessa pianon kielten sammuttajat 2013 small


Muted tomb of Lapland in five floors*, piano sound mufflers, 2013





1. Since the 17th century settlers in Lapland affected the age-old Lappish culture.

2. Since the 19th century the logging in Lapland brought down virgin forests, shattered the old cultural landscapes and has damaged reindeer grazing.

3. Since 1920´s the mining industry in Lapland deteriorated the earth and poisoned the waters.

4. In 1949 a water power plant in Lapland ran salmon of Kemijoki -river to extinction and changed the river as reservoir. 

5. Since 1960´s tourism has harnessed the fells of Lapland and made market trinkets part of the Lappish identity.









Konstruktiivinen tragedia small


General fiew of the exhibition Constructed Tragedy in Studio Musta Napa, Rovaniemi, Lapland, 2013








varattu small


Reserved and occupied, Pispala Contemporary Art Centre, Tampere, Finland,  2007








Nomadi1 small


Nomad's Armchair, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland, 2005








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